Property Marketing

There are many options in marketing a property for sale, but only a few have proven to be successful.  Funkhouser Real Estate Group analyzes our local market and scans national trends to make sure we are using the most effective tools.  Our associates are trained on these tools and how to apply them to specific property types.  So, what are the most effective marketing tools?

Each year the National Association of Realtors conducts a nationwide survey of homebuyers.  They ask many questions about a buyers search process including, ‘How did you find the home you purchased?’.  

Here is what the buyers said in the latest survey:

  • 40% found their home on the internet
  • 36% found their home through their REALTOR®
  • 11% found their home by seeing a yard sign
  • 6% found their home as a suggestion by a friend, relative or neighbor

They also ask buyers 'What information sources did you use during your home search?'.  

Information Sources Used By Buyers

Times have changed in the way buyers find the homes they purchase.  No longer do qualified and motivated buyers have the patience to wait for a weekly print publication or television show.  They want to quickly and easily find available properties online with rich content or have their REALTOR® find the property for them.    

Ask your Associate with Funkhouser Real Estate Group to review our many proven marketing options that will fit your property. We have invested in the latest tools that deliver results and are anxious to put them to use for you.

Professional photography:  

Photos can serve as the first impression of the home, especially when 92% of home buyers use the internet as part of their home search.  Using great photography to bring out the best features of your home by mastering angles and lightening can help get that homebuyer through the door. Studies have shown that using good photography on home listings helps sell the home faster and for more money.

3D Walk Through:

A 3D walk through creates a realistic experience allowing potential buyers to visit and explore properties online as if they had physically stepped foot inside the home.  Potential buyers are able to look at multiple homes quickly and can feel at ease staying as long as they would like.  Using the 3D walk through a homebuyer can take a second look at a home and more closely to decide if it will be their next home. 

Aerial Photography:

Aerial photography uses a bird’s eye view to showcase a home and the property that surrounds it.  Whether it’s to highlight the waterfront view or a gorgeous back yard, aerial photography captures the beauty and the utility of a home far better than ground-based photography can. 

Home Staging:

Having your home professionally staged creates a universal appeal by editing personal items and highlighting the features of your home.  A staged home keeps the potential buyer on track and engaged in those features and benefits of your home by having them mentally move in.  Homes that have been staged are on the market for less time and sell for a higher amount. Ask your REALTOR if your listing could benefit from being professionally staged. 

As important as it is to stay current with marketing trends in the real estate world, the more traditional marketing items that Funkhouser offers are still just as important.  Our listings will receive the most high quality printed materials including flyers and postcards.  Our biannual Funkhouser Report gets printed and mailed out as well as distributed throughout the valley.  In the report we focus on what is new in real estate and feature our exceptional listings.

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